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Willow & Ivy specializes in weddings! Let us make your vision come to life! From traditional to trendy, we design bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, garlands, swags, arrangements, and so much more! We love to try new trends, face new challenges, and want to hear your creative ideas.

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Wedding flowers can be intimidating if you have never planned a wedding. We have provided investment estimates on our work below to help you budget. Please be aware that these costs are ESTIMATES and prices will fluctuate based on size, quantity, flower type, and availability.

*These prices do not include delivery or rental items*

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Willow & Ivy works with many budgets from minimal to the extravagant. Though we ask that our clients approach us with realistic budgets, we are very open to discussing alternative, cost effective solutions to keep services affordable.

Flower pinning & placement service is always included, at no cost, upon delivery to event


Willow & Ivy offers a wide spectrum of services for as little or as much assistance you need on your big day! No one understands the fine details and logistics of an event like we do! Let us take the stress and worry out of the day so you can enjoy every beautiful moment. 

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Planning a wedding or event is stressful and so much fun! The flowers, venue, food, the music, transportation, the decorations... Sure, you have got all your vendors hired FOR your event, but have you considered your needs ON your big day? Of course, you, the host will be in charge, but do you want to spend the day worrying about restocking food & beverages and taking out the trash instead of enjoying all of your hard work? This is where Willow & Ivy steps in to take care of the "dirty work" at your next wedding, shower, birthday, graduation, family reunion, anniversary, or community event. 

What exactly is event coordination and what is the responsibility of an event coordinator? At Willow & Ivy we never want to take away the recognition of hosting your event, so we leave that to you while we handle all of the leg work. Every event has different needs, and we are there as an extra set of hands. You can remain in the spotlight while we work behind the scenes: setting up, keeping an itinerary, making sure vendors arrive and set up on time, refilling or serving food & beverages, monitoring trashes & bathroom cleanliness, handling guest flow & concerns, cleaning up, etc. Event coordination services are one of the most forgotten necessities of any event. We have compiled a list below, of day-of tasks that are typically forgotten and tend to fall on the families of the couple/host, or worse, the bride & groom/host themselves! These items can quickly turn a day of beautiful enjoyment to a day of stress and chaos.

General Venue Maintenance: take out trash, clean up messes, keep an itinerary/contact numbers for vendors

Vendors: ensure on-time arrival, location set-up at venue, electric hook up

Food/Beverage: refill beverages/favors/snacks, cut cake, restock bar, bring out late night food, Clear serveware from tables

Bathroom Maintenance: take out garbages, restock toilet paper/paper towel/soap

Traffic Flow: direct parking, get guests seated on time, keep bridal party on time, assist elderly/handicap guests 

Wedding Essentials: pin boutonnieres & place corsages,hold speeches/scripts/toss bouquet, pay/tip vendors

Room Flips: moving chairs from ceremony to reception, taking down tables/chairs to create a dance floor

Photography Assistance: hold umbrellas/dresses/bouquets when not needed, ensure hair & outfits look perfect 

Aesthetics: keep candles lit, adjust lighting, décor teardown/cleanup

Security: monitor gift table, deal with inappropriate/unwanted guests

By no means is this a complete lists of the items we assist with! We find that every wedding and every venue is unique. Therefore, we create a coordination plan to meet our client's individual needs and specific concerns. From a traditional church setting to a private property off the beaten path, we have dealt with it all. Nothing is more important than enjoying your wedding day! Let Willow & Ivy Design take care of the logistics with our event coordination services. We offer a variety of a la carte services to fit your needs. Whether it's for a few hours, or for the whole weekend, Willow & Ivy will be there to make it an event to remember!

A La Carte Services

*All Costs Are Flat Rates • Prices DO NOT Include Travel / Delivery 


Linens & Decor. 5 Hours Max



Hardgoods, Linens, & Decor. 6 Hours Max


Two Location SetUp/Decorating-Minor

Ceremony & Reception-Linens & Decor. 7 Hours Max


Two Location SetUp/Decorating-Major

Ceremony & Reception-Hardgoods, Linens, & Decor. 8 Hours Max


Rehearsal Coordination

Rehearsal Run-Through & Guidance. 3 Hours Max


Room Flip-Major

Ceremony-Reception. ~1 Hour


Room Flip-Minor

Dinner-Dance. Max 1 Hour


Event Coordination-Half Day

Day-Of Services *Includes Room Flip. 5 Hours Max


Event Coordination-Full Day

Day-Of Service *Room Flip Included. 10 Hours Max


Parking Assistance

Direct Traffic & Organize Parking. 1 Hour Max


Tear Down-End Of Night-Minor

Take Down Event & Pack Up Items. 2 Hours Max


Tear Down-End Of Night-Major

Take Down Event, Pack Up Items, & Cleanup Venue


Tear Down-Next Day-Minor

Take Down Event & Pack Up Items


Tear Down-Next Day-Major

Take Down Event, Pack Up Items, & Cleanup Venue


Extra Hour of Service

1 Hour Additional Service on Any Service Above


Travel & Delivery

Free Event Delivery in Boscobel, WI. Additional Fees for Multiple Vehicles or Trailers Needed

$1/Mile Each Way

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*Though Willow & Ivy may provide vendor referrals, they do not offer wedding PLANNING services * 

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Willow & Ivy Design offers exclusive event styling services and carries a large inventory of décor for your occasion. Arches to cake stands, vintage furniture to signage,and glassware to whiskey barrels, we have it all! Delivery is available for all items. 

Don't want to have to try to sell all of the decorations you bought once your wedding is over? Looking for that high-end item, but are on a budget? Don't want to have buyers remorse? Renting is the solution! From large props to statement pieces to table numbers, Willow & ivy Carries a variety of décor for all styles, personalities, and budgets.

Please visit our Décor Rental page for more information on our rental policies

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Hey Brides! Are you looking for a way to incorporate something old, new, and borrowed into your wedding? Don't let it make you blue! We have the solution with our custom veils. Take a family heirloom and let us transform it into a statement piece for your contemporary wedding.

Mother's Veil BEFORE



Mother's Veil BEFORE

Traditions run deep, we get it! Nothing is more sentimental than incorporating your mother's or grandmother's wedding items into your own wedding. Some brides wrap their bouquets in a handkerchief , some wear their mom's wedding dress, and others wear a piece of family jewelry. We love the idea of wearing their veil! Our designers deconstruct the relative's veil with the utmost care, and use its components to recreate new pieces for the current bride's wedding: a traditional veil, birdcage veils, headband, or a simple embellished hairpiece. 


1 Piece Created....................$95

2 Pieces Created..................$135

3 Pieces Created...................$150


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