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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Wedding Services

How much do wedding flowers cost?

Our weddings generally start at $1,000+. The more items you need, the greater the budget needed. All of our work is custom so there are many possibilities! If you are struggling to come up with a realistic budget, please check out our Wedding Floral Budgeting Tool for general estimates.

How much do you charge for consultations?

We always prefer to meet our clients face to face to make sure we are a good fit for them and that they are a good fit for our brand, so we always offer our first consultation free! If more than one consultation is requested, we charge $50 per consultation, availability permitting.

Do you offer sample work or a trial run for wedding florals?

We understand that visuals are helpful, so we do offer full sample services to preview a design. The client is responsible for covering the retail cost of that piece and can take it with them upon completion. 

How far in advance should I contact Willow & Ivy Design to book/reserve my date?

The sooner the better! We work on a respectful first come-first served basis. Our schedules fill fast. Remember that it takes time for us to organize our schedules to service your event. Flowers are also shipped from all over the world, so the earlier we know what is needed, the more options we have for availability. We prefer a 3-6 month time window before your event to hold consults, gather information, plan schedules & travel, and submit our floral orders. The larger the needs of the event (floral design, services, décor rental), the sooner we need to know to ensure our availability.

How can I hire Willow & Ivy for my event?

Please follow our Booking Process to inquire about our availability and to begin the planning process. In order to reserve & confirm Willow & Ivy's services, a client must: 1) Confirm with Willow & Ivy that the wedding date is available for services 2) Submit their $200 retainer.

What is the reatainer for and when can I pay it?

The $200 non-refundable retainer reserves Willow & Ivy's services for your wedding date and can be paid at any time to lock in your date.  The $200 retainer will be applied to your final balance.

How far will Willow & Ivy travel for a wedding?

Willow & Ivy Design mainly provides services to the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa but will service an event at any location pending quality assurance and smooth logistics. Willow & Ivy will travel as far as required by the client as long as availability permits, efficiency is kept, and high quality can be maintained for services. Travel costs are covered by the client. If the designers feel that the distance is too great or services cannot be adequately provided due to travel interference, Willow & Ivy may deny the event. If we cannot ensure a perfect outcome, we will be honest with our clients so they can seek a more appropriate vendor. 

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