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Our Story

Willow & Ivy Design began as a passing thought back in 2015. Cassie had just moved to Boscobel and started a new job. She had always wanted to work in floral design and make it a career but was unsure where to begin, being so inexperienced. She decided to pick up a part-time job in the evenings and on weekends to fill her time while her husband was gone for work. A friend of hers told her that she thought a corporate floral department in town was looking for some help, so she went and inquired. She was asked to have an interview and was hired on the spot. Cassie was told that Sue was currently running the floral department and she would show Cassie the ropes. Sue had been also working there a couple years, part-time, after her full time job, and once the two finally met, it was clear that this was exactly where life was supposed to take them. Sue had gotten her floral design certificate and had worked in and out of the floral industry for years, wishing she could make it more than a hobby. Cassie and Sue taught each other much about floral design and business practices over their time there together. As in every job, the ladies caught themselves discussing their gripes and sharing life goals of not working for "the man". Little did they know just what they were capable of.

Sue had done florals for the weddings of family and friends for many years. Now that Cassie was around, it was an extra set of hands. Cassie picked up the process quickly and they continued the year working a few weddings here and there. People began reaching out and requesting the ladies for future weddings, and their schedules began to fill up quickly. If they could be this busy for a "side job", why not pursue the possibilities of making it a career. Suddenly the idea of working for themselves didn't seem so far-fetched.

Cassie got married in the fall of 2016 and discovered, first-hand, just how difficult it was to find wedding resources in rural Southwest Wisconsin. There was a demand and a market that was not being met. From that point, Cassie & Sue put in a lot of hours researching, learning, networking, and creating a sound business plan. In February of 2017, Cassie and Sue officially launched their own business as Willow & Ivy Design LLC. The two have worked tirelessly out of their homes and are now pursuing a storefront in Boscobel.  

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